Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gift suitcase

A friend came over today for some help in making a "gift bag" for her son's tennis coach. The team is giving him money for a trip to a favorite spot and she wanted a creative way to present it. Today was the day she came over to "play". Here's what we came up with: I found a tutorial for a paper backpack here and modified the design so that it would look more like a suitcase on wheels. We didn't attach back straps but instead used a straw and bent it for a handle. For wheels, she used some letter buttons in her stash (E for Eagan and H for High School). Both flaps open. The front one opens to a small pocket. She will put the gift money in the larger one, along with some die cuts (sunshine, sun glasses, tennis racket, camera, etc) - things that would typically be packed in a suitcase. I'm sure the coach will love it!

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