Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been "on a mission"

Several weeks ago I posted about the community outreach event our church was helping to sponsor. (You can read it here.) Well, since then, I have literally been "on a mission" to make birthday cards for the event. First I went through all my solid color scrap paper for bright colors and pulled out everything that was the right size for the sentiment and critter mattes. I discovered I had enough scraps to make 120 cards!! My next task was to punch 360 ovals and stamp them with critters. It sounds overwhelming, but I have been constructing these cards gradually over the last few weeks and really enjoyed the project. As I have been working, I have been praying for those who will receive both the cards and other resources the day of the Jubilee. Yes, we want to help meet their physical needs, but ultimately our prayer is that they would see Jesus, the One who can meet ALL their needs, and come into a relationship with Him.


  1. what a fantastic and much needed mission! and yes a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing we gain in this life. my aunt prayed for my salvation for over 25 years before i was saved :)

  2. Deb, great cards and what a wonderful outreach your church is involved in!! Way to go!


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