Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter has arrived!!

The snow began yesterday... and overnight the wind picked up.  This is what our patio looked like today after the wind began moving the snow around!!  School was canceled here, so my whole family was home today (although my son worked at his snow removal job).  Because of the wind, it's hard to tell snowfall total, but reports say around 6-8 inches.  I've enjoyed getting caught up on some tasks around the house.  Here's a card that I made "just for fun" several days ago, but it's very appropriate to post today.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. oh i luv the colors on your card!! have to say i am so glad we dont get snow!!! but im glad it gave you a day to craft :0)

  2. Love your snowflake card! Very appropriate...and the snow blew around some more today down here. Very blustery but sunny. Our dil was hoping for a storm while they were here from AZ so she got her wish. They fly out of SF tonight...back to warm weather!!


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